WARNING – Viewing this Book

Will Cause an Addiction!

World Renowned Bromeliad Breeder Releases Long Awaited Neoregelias Book…

Bromeliad Hybrids: For my own Satisfaction

(And now a Second Book – Cryptanthus, Tillandsia, Vriesea & Others)

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652 Full Color Images of Neos
Guaranteed to Captivate

For many years people have been asking Margaret Paterson to “put all your plants in a book” and so now with the help of husband Bill they have got all her Neoregelias in one place – Just For You!

The best way to view Margaret’s amazing collection of Bromeliads is to visit her plant house in Gympie, Australia. Unfortunately, that’s just too far away for most of us so the next best thing is to take a “stroll” through this book and be stunned by the beauty of these plants.

The pages are packed with gorgeous Neo specimens that she has bred herself. And I challenge you to pick your favorite – because I sure can’t!

You will be stopped on every page by an extravaganza of magnificent specimens and be amaze at the variety Margaret has managed to breed. Ogle at vivid oranges; seductive pinks; dazzling greens; luscious yellows; outrageous reds and all shades in between. This medley of color just has to be seen to be believed.

Reward yourself and discover enjoyment for years to come with this delightful book.

At just $29.99* (AUD) it’s a must have for any Bromeliad collector.

Order NowThe book includes:-

Bromeliad Hybrid Book Cover

  • 652 color Photos of Margaret’s Neoregelias hybrids
  • Notes on different crosses
  • Full index and 11 pages of Parentage for each Hybrid
Bromeliad Hybird Parentage Index

A sample of the parentage index.

Page 14 of the Bromeliad Hybrid Book

Page 14 of the book – just a glimpse of what to expect.


“we have spent many pleasurable hours looking at the illustrations in your book”
Diane and Bill, Australia


“(Margaret) has produced an amazing portfolio of original and highly prized plants”
Peter Waters M.P.S., Honorary Trustee of Bromeliad Society International, New Zealand


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PS The author will not be held liable for your addiction :-)

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